How Vitamin C Powder Can Save Your Skin

Nope, it’s not just all about eating your oranges! Vitamin C is a necessary element our bodies need, but have you ever thought about applying it to your skin? Well, we’re here to tell you that you definitely should. Just as your body needs vitamins to help maintain the right balance, so does your skin. Vitamin serums and treatments are hot items in the skincare world at the moment, and for good reason – their effects are incredible.

So, why is Vitamin C so important? Also known as ascorbic acid, this compound is the key to cell regeneration and the production of collagen. All skincare buffs will know that the more collagen our skin has, the more plump and youthful-looking it appears. By applying this in serum or powder form to the face, your complexion will look brighter, have more elasticity, and fine lines and wrinkles will be blurred.

How Vitamin C Powder Can Save Your Skin

Our favourite Vitamin C product actually comes in powder form, AKA the most effective, potent way your skin can absorb the nutrients it needs. The Skinstitut Vitamin C Powder 100% is super high grade and very cheap compared to a lot of other vitamin products on the market currently. So, what’s the catch?

From what we’ve managed to observe, absolutely nothing. This product is simply a miraculous little skincare gem that everyone needs to incorporate into their routine, ASAP! Of course, the powder isn’t going to absorb into the skin (nor will it stick) if you apply it directly to the face. Here’s a little run-down of how to make this cool, innovative product work best for your skin!

Skinstitut Vitamin C Powder How To

1. Grab your Skinstitut Vitamin C Powder and shake a tiny amount out onto your hand. We’re talking the size of a few grains of rice. After all, you can always add more product, but taking it away is a far more difficult task.

2. Locate your favourite serum or moisturiser and squeeze out just a little, next to your Vitamin C powder on the hand. We recommend using any product that will ‘stick’ to the skin, that is, won’t wear off during the day but instead will absorb into the skin. A moisturiser is usually a safe bet! Our customers love mixing their Vitamin C Powder with the Skinstitut Moisture Defence or Retinol, but you can use any similar product from your favourite brands. Be careful not to use a product that contains copper.

3. Mix the two products together using a clean finger or brush.

4. Apply to the face as desired, either covering the entire surface or topically to specific areas.

What To Expect

The results we’ve noticed after using the Skinstitut Vitamin C Powder are nothing short of amazing. This product is definitely ideal for those with ageing, dull or dry skin, however anyone and everyone will be able to use it regularly without issues. The purity of Vitamin C in this product means that it’s highly effective, so wait just a few weeks and you’ll really notice the difference!

The main properties it will have include protecting the skin against free radical damage, plumping and firming the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, evening out the skin tone and brightening the complexion. That’s a whole lot of benefits for the one product, especially something that can only be used very sparingly! Make sure not to overdo it with this product, as excessive use could cause peeling or irritation on the skin. Start out with half the recommended amount as a test, or even leave the product to absorb on the hand before applying to the face.

“I have been searching for a good Vitamin C product to use, and when I came across this, I was super happy at the low price and decided to give it a try. I love that it is not activated until it is combined with your moisturiser, so it doesn’t “go bad.” Other Vitamin C products not only are much more expensive, but always have this strong citrus/orange smell. This powder doesn’t have any smell, and works amazingly! I shake out a little and mix it with the Skinstitut Retinol cream, and I can feel it tightening my skin. I use it every other night, and within a few days, saw results – brighter skin and a smoother look! I would definitely buy this product again and again!” – Ana, RY Reviewer

Other Vitamin C faves include the Hylamide C25 Stabilized Vitamin C Booster, the EmerginC Vitamin C Serum 20% and the Medik8 Glow Oil Facial Oil with Vitamin C!

So, what’s your verdict? Have you used the Skinstitut Vitamin C Powder before? If so, let us know your results in the comments! If not, make sure to grab this baby for just $30.15 from Skinstitut. The perfect balance of price and efficacy, this isn’t one to forego. Your skin will love you for it, trust us!

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