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How to prepare and perfect your self-tanning routine

Self-tanning can do wonders for your self-confidence. Many women have reported that having a spray-tan makes them feel slimmer, more attractive, and confident in their skin. The harmful nature of traditional sun tanning means there’s always a risk of experiencing negative health effects (such as skin cancer). Self-tanning is a safe, easy way to boost your self-esteem and achieve a healthy glow without sun damage and exposure to UV rays.

If you are out in the sun, ensure you always apply sunscreen to prevent the development of malignant melanoma and skin cancer. Follow these fake tan tips to achieve the best fake tan possible without damaging your skin!

Choose a good tanner

Choosing a self-tanning lotion appropriate for your skin tone is essential. Loving Tan’s 2 Hr Express Deluxe Bronzing Mousse is ideal for creating healthy-looking skin and a natural glow. The mousse doesn’t stain sheets or clothes and comes in a pump bottle for easy application.

Shave and exfoliate your skin first

Use a manual exfoliator, rather than one that’s chemical-based or beaded, so there’s no residue left on your skin when you go to apply the tan. Work to remove all the dead skin, then hop in the shower to wash it all off. Make sure you shave too so you can apply your tan to a blank canvas. Hot showers, as opposed to warm ones, will help open up your pores.

To ensure your tan is even, you should shave and exfoliate the day before you’re set to tan, so your pores have time to seal. If you self-tan too soon after exfoliating and shaving, the formula will fill your pores and leave dark, uneven spots. Alternatively, turn your hot shower onto the coldest setting to close your pores.

How to fake tan

Ensure you use a tanning mitt (like the Lycon Tanning Mitt Duo). With your mitt on (or with plastic gloves underneath for extra protection), apply your self-tanner in a circular motion to ensure there are no streaks. The more layers you apply (many people use two), the darker the result will be.

We advise applying the tan to your forearms, underside, torso, back, and then your legs. After the first application, wait until it has dried before going over it again with a second layer. Be careful not to over saturate the tan until it drips.

The tan will be concentrated in between your fingers and palms, so be sure to wash your hands thoroughly. To tan your hands, try using a rounded foundation brush to blend the tanner in. You can do this with your forearms too.

Put on some clothes you don’t mind getting self-tanner on, like dark or loose-fitting clothing, as sometimes the tan can transfer. Some people even sleep on a towel to reduce transfer overnight.

For some, self-tanning lotion can be an acne trigger and can make issues like hyperpigmentation worse. If you have acne or hyperpigmentation, think about using a tinted moisturiser instead, like the ESPA Gradual Tan Body Moisturiser.

Washing it off

When it’s time to shower, make sure the water is cooler than normal because hot shower water can strip the colour. If you want your tan to be preserved, gently pat your skin dry afterwards, instead of rubbing. Repeat this process in the morning and evening, and you should get the optimal colour within three days.

Keep your tan on for at least six hours before your first shower, and apply a light moisturiser every day to keep your skin hydrated and preserve your tan.

For the next few days, wash areas which are necessary and leave the rest of your body untouched for as long as you can. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing (like jeans or white shorts), and avoid light coloured clothes if you can.

With this guide, you should now have the knowledge to preserve your self-tan for as long as possible and get the best application without exposing yourself to the harmful rays of the sun and sunbeds. There’s no better way to feel more confident than glowing, healthy skin! Explore our full range of self-tanning products and get your tan game on.



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