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2013 Logies Hairstyles

Logies Hairstyles


Australian beauties Jennifer Hawkins, Kate Richie and Asher Keddie opted for  high, messy buns at the recent 2013 Logies Awards. This simple style is the perfect way to flaunt an effortless, chic look when glamming up for a big event.

How to get the look with JOICO:

Step 1: Shampoo and condition hair using JOICO’s Body Luxe Shampoo and Conditioner to encourage texture and fullness.

Step 2: Apply JOICO’s Body Luxe Root Lift Foam to your scalp to enhance  volume and lift at the roots.

Step 3: Dry hair in sections.

Step 4: Once hair is dry, pull back into a high ponytail.

Step 5: Next, wrap the ponytail around the hair tie securing it with bobby pins until you have created a messy looking bun.

Step 6: Finish the look with JOICO’s Power Spray.

“Strands that are too soft and silky tend to slip out of pins, causing upstyles to come undone. JOICO’s Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo will give slick hair a touch of texture that makes it easier to style and secure updos.”- Damien Carney, JOICO’s International Artistic Director.


James Patten

James Patten

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