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Should I Use Concealer Before or After Foundation?

There are two main areas where women tend to have challenges when applying their makeup: foundation and concealer. How many times have you seen a woman with a face coated in a horrid thick foundation, or seen the “raccoon eye” effect when the concealer is too light or applied improperly? Thankfully, the foundation beauty tips below are the result of years of real makeup artistry experience and are guaranteed to save you from a lifetime of “cosmetics concealer foundation” trauma.

Foundation and Concealer: The Perfect Marriage

The concealer debate has carried on for years in the beauty industry. What colour is best? Does one apply concealer before or after foundation? Finger or Brush? Let’s put an end to this confusion right here and right now. Your concealer should always be a half-shade lighter than your foundation. It’s always best to purchase them at the same time so that you know you are getting an exact match. If it is too light you will have a ‘halo’ of whitish light around your eyes, and it will actually highlight imperfections rather than hiding them.

Who’s On First?

There are very few women who know whether they should apply their concealer before or after their foundation. The answer is simple. Your foundation is the gesso on your canvas. It prepares your skin by evening out the tone but it won’t do the heavy work that your concealer does. A concealer is creamier and highly pigmented and is meant to lie on top of the foundation, carefully placed in order to hide problem areas. Slapping it on first and then putting your foundation over it moves the product away from the areas you are attempting to conceal and ruins your careful application. However, another suggestion is to apply foundation first when trying to cover pimples or blemishes,

Mastering the Skills and Creating Perfection

Once you have settled the debate between applying concealer before or after foundation, you need to learn how to use it properly. Because the product is so emollient, putting it on with a finger only serves to heat it up and make your application inaccurate. When it comes to concealer, a brush is best. Not only do you use less product, but you will be able to apply it more precisely to blemishes and dark circles. Remember to gently tap it on and then lightly blend the edges with the tip of the brush. Smearing it across pimples or broken capillaries will just move the product around rather than place it where you need it to be.

When you know the basics of how to apply makeup professionally, you can start to play with the newer products that have recently been released. Primer, highlighters and contour products are a little more advanced, but worth it as when used properly they can make anyone look flawless. Try not to feel bad about the amount of product you are using; If it’s applied well, it’s imperceptible. If you feel the temptation to be bitter, just keep it mind that the only women that claim to not need makeup are either in their early twenties or terrible liars who happen to have all the secrets, too.



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