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Sweet Dreams! How to Get the Best Sleep Ever

It’s not something we’ve talked about too much in the past, but sleep is a key player when it comes to looking your best- after all, they don’t call it ‘beauty sleep‘ for nothing! With the super-exciting launch of our new Sleep section, we thought it was about time to share a few easy tips that’ll help you to rest more effectively at night.


Sweet Dreams! How to Get the Best Sleep Ever

Sleep is a contributing factor to so many aspects of our daily grind, from the energy levels we have to the dark circles that may or may not be present under our eyes. If you’re suffering from problematic skin, unruly hair or a dull complexion, maybe your sleep schedule needs a little working on. This isn’t as tough as it seems, though – we can already hear you lamenting about the thousand and one things you need to complete before bed, and boy, do we feel you!

Instead of stressing about how many hours you manage to capture a night (although this is still pretty important), maybe it’s time to start focusing on the quality of your sleep. Here are our favourite methods, tricks and products to ensure your nightly zzz’s are super worthwhile.



1. Sleep on silk

The benefits of sleeping on silk are honestly boundless – think smoother hair, healthier skin and fewer pesky creases all over you when you wake up! (Are we the only ones with that problem?) Slip a silk pillowcase over your pillows and you’re sure to notice the difference pretty much immediately. Not only will it impact your external beauty by reducing frizz and helping to ward off acne, a silk pillowcase will also improve your sleep tenfold, as it’ll allow you to fall asleep quicker and in a ‘gentler’ position.

We’re currently coveting these stunning silk pillowcases – needless to say I want them in white, charcoal, nude and whatever other colours they come in. Pick up a single case for $79.95 or a twin pack for $159.95.


2. Spray a little somethin’

Let’s get a little deeper and ask the question “why are you finding it hard to sleep?” All psychoanalysing aside, finding the source of the problem can be an easy way to address it. Personally, I know that I can get extremely restless before bed, as it’s the time that my mind decides to really switch on (thanks, brain – wish it’d do that in the middle of an 8 hour work day!).

One solution to this common problem is a spray, mist or oil that you can use as a way to relax yourself. Infused with essential oils and botanicals such as lavender and rose, The Goodnight Co Sleep Mist ($29.95) can be handily spritzed onto your pillow, bed sheets or simply around the entire room to impart a super-relaxing scent and mood. A few quick pumps and you’ll be off to dreamland, stat. Another fave is the Salt Lab Magnesium Oil ($32.99), a potent spray-oil that can be directly spritzed onto sore muscles for some relief.

3. Switch off the screens

Ah, the old blue light debate. If you haven’t heard about the perils of blue light just yet, well, you’ve got a big storm comin’! Essentially, the lights that our computers, phones, TVs and other electronic devices give out are not conducive to a good night’s sleep whatsoever, so it’s important to switch off about 30 minutes before you want to fall into that deep slumber.

If you’re on your phone seconds up until you decide to sleep, chances are you’ll spend around about half an hour tossing before you can actually doze off, as your eyes and body are weaning themselves off the light and getting used to the pitch black of nighttime. Put your phone across the room and do something else – read a book, write in a journal, or even take a bath!


4. Soak it up

Speaking of baths, they’re an amazing way to relax your entire body before you drift off into a peaceful sleep. Soak yourself in some hot, sudsy water and switch off, leaving all of the trials of the day in your wake.

If you’re looking to elevate your bath game, look no further than the Sleep Ritual Bath Soak in Lavender ($34.95) from The Goodnight Co. Empty one of the three sachets into your bath water as it runs and revel in the beautiful lavender scent and soft feel it gives your skin. Lavender is a key botanical for encouraging sleep, so we promise that once you’ve managed to hop of your indulgent bath, sleep will be right around the corner. Another ultra-soothing bath soak we love is The Physic Garden Relax Me Bath Salts


5. Sip a tea

This one’s for the tea lovers – myself included. If you’re a fan of a hot drink before bed time, chances are you’re getting better sleep, as long as your choice is decaffeinated. Certain herbs can help to encourage sleep, such as chamomile and jasmine, and the heat of a drink can help to relax you too. However, caffeine is present in quite a few tea blends, including some peppermint and other herbal varieties, so read your labels to save yourself a few extra minutes lying awake in bed!


6. Soothe your skin

Give your skin a little treat before bedtime rolls around with a rub designed specifically to spur on sleep, such as The Physic Garden Sleep Balm ($17.95). Naturopathically formulated with ultra-calming ingredients including lavender, chamomile and lemon myrtle, this product can be rubbed onto the chest or stomach where it will be absorbed quickly into the body for a relaxing effect.

If you’ve never tried a balm before, give this one a go and see how dramatically it’ll improve your sleep quality! If you prefer an oil, The Goodnight Co Sleep Roll On Pure Essential Oil ($14.95) can be rolled directly onto the skin and massaged in for an equally as calming effect with lavender, cedarwood and coconut.


Make sure to check out our Sleep Aids section, featuring unique products from The Goodnight Co, Salt Lab, The Physic Garden and more. And, for a limited time we’re giving you a few exciting gifts you can claim with your purchase – check out our offers page to see what goodies you can grab!

Plus, let us know what your favourite tricks and tips for getting a good night’s sleep are by commenting on our Facebook post. Happy resting, lovelies!

Images courtesy of The Goodnight Co and The Physic Garden.

There you have it – 6 steps you can take today to improve the rest you get and choose sleep!



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