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Valentine’s Gifts Perfect for Treating Your Bae (or BFFs)

This one’s for all the romantics — Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so if you haven’t started gift shopping, it’s definitely time to get cracking! Valentine’s gifts can be hard to navigate, especially if you’ve only been dating a while (or, on the other hand, have been stuck with one another for years).

Valentine’s Gifts Perfect for Treating Your Bae (or BFFs)

Of course, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating our romantic loves, but also our platonic loves. If you’re going solo this year, more power to you, babe! We love treating our besties with a special gift or some quality time, so why not make Valentine’s Day about sisterhood this year?

Keep on reading to find out our hottest picks for all your Valentine’s gifts this year.

Valentine’s Gifts For the Well-Groomed Gentlemen

Valentine's gifts Magnitone London The Clean Sweep Skin Brush for Men

$: men-ü Ultimate Shave Facial Set. The perfect non-committal gift for the guy you’ve been seeing for a few weeks or months, this shaving set from men’s care brand men-ü features three of their core products. They’ll help him achieve the cleanest, smoothest shave ever, which in turn is a Valentine’s gift to you — after all, you’ve got to kiss his scruffy mug.

$$: Wrinkles Schminkles Men Eye Smoothing Kit. If your guy’s conscious about getting older, why not help him turn back the clock a little? These innovative, skin-smoothing silicone pads can be worn under the eyes while he sleeps to fend off wrinkles and fine lines. They boost collagen, help improve blood flow and ensure skin stays taut.

$$$: Magnitone London The Clean Sweep Brush for Men. Help your man unlock his best skin ever with this revolutionary facial cleansing brush from Magnitone. It’s ideal for anyone who lives in a big city, as it’ll help buff away pollutants, and also works wonders for breakouts. Plus, it literally takes 30 seconds a day, so he’s got no excuse whatsoever.

Valentine’s Gifts For the Skincare Lover

Valentine's gifts for skincare lovers FOREO Luna Play

$: PIXI Glow Tonic 100ml. Help your BFF or GF glow this Valentine’s Day with this chemical exfoliant from PIXI Beauty. Loved by models and bloggers, this unique formula uses 5% Glycolic Acid to resurface the skin effectively, leaving you with a fresher, more radiant complexion. Any skincare-obsessed girl will love the opportunity to look a little more luminous — plus this limited edition packaging is cute and pink, so we’re sold.

$$: FOREO Luna Play. Has someone you know been eyeing off a facial cleansing device? Give them a taste of the best with the FOREO Luna Play, a mini device from this coveted brand that lasts up to 100 uses. They’ll have ample time to experience the stunning results and range of benefits FOREO offer. Hello, gorgeous skin!

$$$: asap Platinum Collection. Packed with six core products, this collection is a skincare lover’s dream. asap are known for their high quality, results-driven formulations, so you’re essentially giving your recipient the opportunity to try some of Australia’s favourite skincare. Four serums and two creams make perfecting your complexion easier than ever.

Valentine’s Gifts For the Makeup Addict

Valentine's gifts for makeup lovers Garbo & Kelly Master of Illumination Highlighting Kit

$: OFRA Signature Eye Shadow Palette – Radiant Eyes. For an affordable palette that doesn’t compromise quality, we can’t go past this baby from OFRA. Featuring five shimmering shades, this easily portable palette is an essential for anyone whose go-to look is warm toned and a little luminous. You’ll want one for yourself, we promise (better buy two just to be safe…).

$$: Garbo & Kelly Master of Illumination Highlighting Kit. We all know highlighter is a trend that’s never going away, so help your recipient embrace it big time with this kit from Garbo & Kelly. Featuring four shimmering shades and two mattes, each hue is named after an old Hollywood star. Anyone is bound to feel like one when they’ve got brush in hand, creating the perfect glow. Just make sure you stop before entering tin man territory!

$$$: Sigma Detailed Brush Set. The devil is in the details, so give your makeup lovin’ bae or BFF the power to perfect them with this brush set from Sigma. It features eight unique brushes, each of which can be used to fine tune those subtle aspects of your makeup look. We’re obsessed with the teeny fan brush — use it for precise highlighting or to apply product to the lashes.

Valentine’s Gifts For the Rugged Guy

Valentine's gifts for him Bearded Chap Original Beard Wash Rugged

$: Proraso Aftershave Lotion. Help your dude protect his skin after shaving with this calming aftershave from Italian brand Proraso. Most guys need aftershave, so may as well make it something he’ll reap a ton of skin-saving benefits from. This formula is enriched with eucalyptus for freshness and witch hazel to calm razor burn or cuts.

$$: Bearded Chap Original Beard Wash Rugged. Is your man more of a beardy kind of guy? The rise of the bearded bloke is truly underway, and we’re loving it. Ensure his beard stays conditioned and clean with a beard wash, like this one from Bearded Chap. It has a fresh yet masculine scent that’s enriched with peppermint, citrus and nutmeg. You’ll never have to worry whether that bushy beard is clean again…

$$$: Truefitt & Hill Men’s Wellington Double Edge Chrome Razor. Back onto gifts for the clean shaven man (or really, any guy that shaves on occasion). A good razor is definitely an important, necessary investment for a guy to make if he’s regularly shaving, as it’ll prevent cuts and nicks and ensure a smooth shave. This double-edge chrome razor from Truefitt & Hill is hand-crafted and uses the finest quality materials to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Valentine’s Gifts For the Homebody

Valentine's gifts Palm Beach Collection Mini Candle White Rose & Jasmine

$: Palm Beach White Rose & Jasmine Mini Candle. One of our favourite gifts to give is time to relax — plain and simple. Help the homebody in your life turn things up a notch with this stunningly scented candle from Palm Beach Collection. Newly revamped, we’re drooling over the brand’s minimalist packaging, and of course, the clean, floral fragrance.

$$: MOR Emporium Classics Lychee Flower Home Diffuser Set. Diffusers are a safe way to perfume your entire home, as they require no flame but deliver a potent dose of your favourite scent. Our pick for a diffuser this Valentine’s Day is from the MOR Emporium Classics range. Sweet and soft, the lychee flower aroma complements any home, providing a feminine touch that’s not overwhelming.

$$$: Mio Relaxing Night In Set. For busy people, the opportunity to completely zone out (and zen out) is more than welcomed. This set from Mio Skincare is based on the principles of yoga, so much so that the products are named ‘Liquid Yoga’ for their calming properties. Fantastic for the workout addict in your life, the Liquid Yoga Bath Soak helps soothe sore muscles. Pop some in the bath, light your candle and spray the mist for ultimate relaxation.


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