Valentines Day Gift Ideas for my wife

It’s that time of year again and I can see the expectant look in my wife’s eyes. In the past I have fallen in to the trap of “let’s not get each other anything this year” Until the day arrives and I am showered with gifts. I remember the feeling in the pit of my stomach as I realise it was all a cunning plan. My man instinct of course took it all at face value. My wife clearly said “let’s not get each other anything this year” But the translation in to woman was really “you know its valentine’s day and people that are in love always get each other a gift and a card and chocolates and maybe a weekend away”
This year I am prepared. The card is tucked away in the glove box in my car and the internet is the perfect place to find something a little special for Valentine’s Day.

Here are my Top 10  Valentines day ideas for girlfriends.

If you’re in a major city roses only have a speedy service and always have good Quality.

Roses Only offers you the perfect gift, whether it’s a special birthday, your anniversary, a celebration or just an “I love you” gift, our florists can create anything from a strikingly simple arrangement to a flamboyant, dramatic bouquet suited to your specific needs and budget.

Events This Christmas my loved one purchased a romantic flight over the Gold Coast with champagne and nibbles. It was a wonderful gift that I was not expecting and had a lot of thought behind it.

Anything ghd
A new staightener is every girls wish list. It’s the present that keeps giving. Your partner can make them self look great. I call this the win win present. Its second only to lingerie. If your partner is already blessed with a ghd,There are plenty other suitable gifts in our online store

Guaranteed to put a smile on her dial. It’s a great gift and a great way to make her feel sexy. Warning! don’t go cheap and nasty. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is never more apparent than when purchasing  some sexy  are Australias number one online store an offer great customer service so you can shop with confidence.

Teddy bears
Another great reason to shop online for teddy bears is that fact No one has to see you buy it. Waling through the shopping center with a 6 ft panda with a love heart t-shirt on is not conducive to making you feel like man.

If a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach this then the way to make a girl melt is through the coca bean. Timeless and romantic chocolates are a good way to start the and finish the night. Edible blooms have some original ideas to make sure that the chocolate is not forgotten long after the event has taken place.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the majority of a man’s credit card bill. My Top tip here is to keep your loved one away from the gossip magazines. The Rocks the stars are wearing will only make you feel inadequate. So unless you’re a pro NBA Basketball player or have connections to an diamond crime syndicate, maybe stick to a classic charm bracelet or necklace, Remember if you do pull out diamond ring you could hear the words I do I do. If that’s the response your after, go for it. If you feel that is jumping the gun a little bit. Stick to earrings or maybe a watch.

A change is as good as a rest. Where ever you are. Go somewhere else. Nothing freshens up a relationship more than a change of scenery. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas can be your inspiration for your trip. Just change the word Vegas to your destination of choice. Spicer’s retreat offers some great romantic getaways all over Australia with a great food and great accommodation. Book online for great specials.

Dinner Dates.
Top tip book a restaurant you have never been to before. Choose something from the menu you have never eaten before. Research the best aphrodisiac food and wine and impress with your knowledge fine cuisine. Food is this year’s black and if you’re not into it your just not cool…. OR so I am told.

Number 10
Here is the one and only must do for Valentine’s Day. Choose from the list above but unequivocally, absolutely, categorically don’t forget to do something on Valentine’s Day. No matter what they say. It’s all a devious plan. They have got you something.

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