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What Is Eyebrow Threading?

You’ve probably tried plucking and waxing your eyebrows to get a defined eyebrow shape. If you’re dissatisfied with those results – or with the pain of those methods – then you should turn your attention to a new beauty trend that is rising in popularity throughout the world. Eyebrow threading is becoming a popular alternative to both plucking and waxing, and has been given rave reviews by those who have tried it. If you’re unsure about what beauty eyebrow threading is, where it comes from and whether you should try it, read on for more information that’ll answer your questions and address your uncertainties.

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is an ancient hair removal technique, with origins in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and India. While nowadays it is used to maintain eyebrow shape and definition, originally eyebrow threading was used before weddings and other special occasions.

Eyebrow threading works by taking a long strand of cotton thread and twisting it into a double strand. The loop that was created with the cotton string then picks up a line of hair and removes it, creating a very precise and crisp hairline.

Where Is Eyebrow Threading Offered?

This ancient technique of eyebrow threading has flooded the West, and can be done in just about any salon or spa. However, be sure that the salon or spa you choose has aestheticians who are trained in eyebrow threading. If the aestheticians are not specifically trained in how this procedure works, it could result in uneven eyebrows, ingrown hairs or unnecessary pain.

Why Do People Get Their Eyebrows Threaded?

There are many reasons people choose eyebrow threading, and threading eyebrow shaping is the main reason. Unlike plucking, which only removes a single hair at a time, threading removes a line of unwanted hair. This creates very precise, distinct lines and creates beautifully defined and shaped eyebrows. Unlike plucking or waxing, eyebrow threading effectively removes a unibrow, raises the eyebrow arch and adds shape and definition to flat eyebrows. Additionally, this technique of removing a line of hair at a time means that the procedure is fast and relatively pain free.

Some people prefer eyebrow threading to waxing because it removes the hair at the follicle. In addition to avoiding skin irritation, this also means the shaped eyebrow lasts longer. Eyebrow threading lasts 3 to 4 weeks. It can also be an effective way to control how your look during rapid eyebrow growth; visit our recent blog post entitled “Can You Make Your Eyebrows Grow Faster?” to learn more.

While eyebrow threading is effective and fast, it is also the preferable hair removal method for those who are on a budget, or for those who are looking for natural methods. Eyebrow threading does not use any expensive or harmful products. Only a cotton thread is required.

Who Can Get Their Eyebrows Threaded?

Anyone can get their eyebrows threaded! It is a hair removal technique chosen by both men and women, and it is a cheap method. This is also a good method for anyone with sensitive skin or skin conditions. Unlike creams or wax, threading will not irritate the skin and does not pose any health risks.

Now that you are no longer asking yourself what is eyebrow threading, you can consider trying this method of hair removal instead of a traditional pair of high-quality tweezers. Not only will you be taking part in an ancient tradition, but it is fast and cheap too!

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