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For divinely scented, natural, aromatherapy products look no further than Aromatherapy Co now available online from

Aromatherapy Co NZ are a company that believes in creating natural products that are free from parabens, sodium laurel sulphates and artificial fragrance and they are gaining popularity with those who prefer to choose natural products for their skin and for their homes.

The popularity of aromatherapy has been growing steadily for a number of years as people find out for themselves the therapeutic nature of essential oils. Aromatherapy oils can be useful for relieving stress, easing various symptoms and improving our moods.

Keen to harness the power of these plant oils Aromatherapy Co NZ have created a fabulous range of products and these include the Naturals Range:

• Lavender and Rosemary Blend – designed to relax and calm with healing properties for your skin.
• Rose and Patchouli Blend – designed to provide a soothing, sensual experience for your skin and leave you smelling irresistible.
• Cocoa and Vanilla – designed to harmonise your body and your senses.
• Orange and Jasmine – designed to nourish the skin and uplift the senses.

Products from the Natural Collection include body and home scenting items and it is also possible to buy Aromatherapy Co Gifts in this range.

The Viva La Colour range is a collection of brightly packaged home scenting diffusers including sublime fragrance combinations such as:

• Rose blossom and white lily
• Juniper berry and cassis
• Ginger lily and honey
• Grapefruit and nectarine
• Lemongrass and mimosa
• Cocoa vanilla and cinnamon
• Amber and wild lavender
• White jasmine and cascarilla

Using natural fragrance to scent your home is a much better choice than using synthetic sprays or fresheners. For one, delicate aromatherapy fragrances infusing your home are far less intrusive than strong smelling artificial scents. And secondly the fragrances you choose could help to improve your mood.

When you buy Aromatherapy Co products you can be sure you are purchasing from a company that cares about creating high quality natural items, that do not test on animals and use 85% recyclable packaging, making them a great choice for those of us who care about how our beauty products are put together.



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