Best Australian Beauty Bloggers Week 2

The Plastic Diaries Gets Best Beauty Blog Honors

The Plastic Diaries creator Kimberly Nissen has a message for you: Looking beautiful is not unattainable. Cosmetic enhancement isn’t something that has to be discussed in hushed tones. Beauty tips and tricks should be shared openly and honestly.

She tells it to you straight

We were bleary-eyed from hours of beauty blog research when we stumbled across Nissen’s straight talk on the subject of beauty (inside and out) and fashion. As she says, “We don’t use big fancy words. We don’t pretend to be scientists or doctors. What we give you is useful, down-to-earth communication and informed opinions based on real-life experiences.”

True to her word, The Plastic Diaries is a virtual oasis from the marketing hype and overpriced cosmetic pushing that is the stock in trade of most beauty blogs.

It’s not only about make-up (which is nice)

In Nissen’s words, “There are tips to get you looking your best, reviews of products you have heard about (and lots you haven’t!), pretty photos and swatches of colour cosmetics, and answers to all your beauty questions, including the questions you never knew you had.”

The first thing you’ll learn is that she underwent plastic surgery to attain the kind of beauty she wanted. In fact, that’s how her blog got its name – it was created as an outlet for her to share her experiences under the knife and it evolved into the multi-focused site it is today. Whether you’re interested in plastic surgery or you just want advice on the best primers to use on a hot day The Plastic Diaries probably has the answer from women who’ve been there.

You’ll get helpful tips

Placenta tablets are a once-a-day recommendation for keeping a youthful complexion. As unappealing as a placenta supplement sounds, we do admire Victoria Beckham’s complexion and it’s rumored that she is a fan of placenta facials.

Discover a hidden gem in Panpuri Organic Spa located in Pyrmont, Sydney. According to Nissen the 6-star spa is amazing and you should try her favourite treatment, the Mali Moonlight Massage. Road trip anyone?

If you aren’t using a fabric brush, you just aren’t trying to keep your clothes looking good longer. And other tips and tricks to keep your shoes and clothes looking and smelling good. This girl is smart.




Plus you can win free stuff!

We jump at the chance to win things, which is why we love the fact that The Plastic Diaries doesn’t just post the random contest link buried between the “real” news; instead they feature a dedicated Competitions page with links to a wide variety of contests and sweepstakes.

Signing up for their newsletter? You could win something for that. Following them on Facebook? Yep, there’s a contest for that as well. They even offer giveaways just based on the changing of the season. Yes! There’s not much we like more than being rewarded for something we’d do anyway.

It’s pretty clear that we can’t rave loud enough about all the things we love about this beauty blog. If you can relate to real women sharing their hard-earned do’s and don’ts of hair, cosmetics, fashion and even travel then you’ll love this blog as much as we do. Just try and prove us wrong!

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Kylie Freeman

Kylie Freeman

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