Australian Hairdresser Of The Year

caterina_dibiase1-600x400Last weekend in Sydney Australia’s most decorated hair stylist, Caterina Di Biase of Melbourne’s Heading Out Hair salons, continued her extraordinary string of wins accepting theHair Expo trophy for Australian Hairdresser of the Year for the second time. Di Biase says her entry in the award was inspired by major fashion designers such as Prada; “Their campaigns are very hair-focused at the moment. Prada’s beautiful, big french roll look is part of the crossed look in fashion now. By ‘crossed’, Di Biase means the marriage of two distinct hair fashion eras: the hard-edged styles of the 1980s, with the strong and soft volumes of 1940s and 1950s styles. “There’s the very feminine, and the very hard core fashion coming through together,” she
Other notable awards at this year’s expo went to Cranium Hair for best salon design of the year. Cranium first opened its doors in 1997 and thanks to the support of the Manly Community hit the floor running. The vision of the salon then and still is today to provide great hairdressing in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. To create a place where clients come to be pampered.
congratulations the Benn Jae for picking up the Sessions stylist of the year. Ben famous for his New York fashion week session work picked up the award for the first time.

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