7 Australian-Owned Beauty Brands We’re Loving

As the beauty industry continues to grow at an exponential rate, it’s amazing to see a heap of Australian-owned makeup, haircare and skincare companies break into the biz. From natural brands using our coveted natural resources, to innovative, trend-based cosmetics brands and more, it’s no lie that us Aussies are killin’ it.

7 Australian-Owned Beauty Brands We’re Loving

To celebrate Australia Day, we’ve rounded up 7 of our ultimate favourite Australian-owned beauty brands. If you’re all about supporting homegrown businesses, these are the products you’ll want to stock your beauty kit with in 2018.

KORA Organics

Australian-owned beauty brands KORA Organics skincare

KORA Organics is an all-natural, cruelty-free skincare brand that’s proudly Australian-owned. Wanna know who it’s owned by? Um, none other than Aussie supermodel and mogul Miranda Kerr. The model wanted access to skincare that would keep her complexion healthy despite the demand of her job, which requires a new face of heavy makeup on the day-to-day. After struggling to find the right products, she instead set out to develop her own.

Hit products: One of the best ways to try KORA for the first time is through a Three-Step System, which are packs tailored to each skin type. They all include a cleanser, toner or mist and moisturiser, which create the pillars of your skincare routine. Whether you’re oily, dry or sensitive, there’s one for your unique complexion.

Bloggers are currently loving the KORA Organics Balancing Rose Mist, a light facial toning mist that will assist with collagen production and will provide environmental protection. If your skin is on the dry side, a fan fave is the KORA Organics Hydrating Mask. Acne or breakout-prone complexions should try the KORA Organics Blemish Gel.

Bondi Sands

Australian-owned beauty brands Bondi Sands fake tanning

Founded right by one of the country’s most beautiful and well-known beaches, Bondi Sands are an Australian-owned tanning brand. With fake tan formulas adored all around the world, and a fan base that includes models and celebs, a Bondi Sands tan is natural, golden and glowing. They boast a range of different self tanning products, including foams, oils and mists, in addition to accessories. The brand have also recently branched out into sunscreen and tanning oils, helping us Aussie sun-lovers to achieve the safest natural tan possible.

Hit products: Bondi Sands’ most coveted product is the Self-Tanning Foam in Dark. Simply grab one of the easy-to-use Bondi Sands Reusable Self-Tanning Mitts, pump out a little of the foam formula and get to work covering your body for the perfect bronze glow. Leave for three to six hours, wash off and voila — a stunning, natural-looking tan. If you prefer something a little quicker, try the Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Lotion in Dark, which can be washed off after an hour.

If you’re a beach babe, you’ll want to come prepared with a broad spectrum sunscreen to protect skin against UV damage. You can still get your glow on with the Bondi Sands SPF 15 Protect & Tan, or stay totally sun-safe with the SPF 30 Lotion or SPF 50 Lotion.

Cedar + Stone

Australian-owned beauty brands Cedar + Stone botanicals skincare

Another organic must-have in your collection, Cedar + Stone are based on the sunny Gold Coast (hey, neighbours!) and stock a huge range of natural skin and body care products. From bath salts and room sprays to cleansers, moisturisers and much more, the Cedar + Stone range is ideal for the environmentally-conscious girl or guy who loves to treat themselves.

Hit products: For a gentle facial cleanser that smells like a total dream, opt for the Cedar + Stone Hemp and Rose Foaming Cleanser. As this formula is rich in omegas, your skin won’t be left with a tight or ‘stripped’ feeling. Feeling a little on the dehydrated side? A facial oil will be your new best friend, and in fact, can even work wonders for oily skin types (after all, dehydrated doesn’t mean dry)! Go for the bestselling Cedar + Stone Lemon Myrtle and Rose Face Oil to re-instil some balance.

If you’re all about self care Sundays, add to your face mask collection with the Cedar + Stone Face Mask Bentonite and Tumeric. This one is ideal for pulling impurities out of the pores, leaving clear, radiant skin underneath. We also love spritzing a little of the Cedar + Stone Meditation Mist Frankincense and Myrrh around to encourage good vibes.


Australian-owned beauty brands ModelCo Cosmetics makeup and fake tan

ModelCo are an iconic Australian-owned makeup brand, with a diverse, high-quality range that remains affordable, despite a huge cult following. A collab with model Hailey Baldwin in 2017 saw the brand skyrocket to new heights, truly cementing their status in the international beauty world. They offer everything from fake tan and moisturiser to foundations, primers, lipsticks and more.

Hit products: Because ModelCo was initially created for models to wear to castings, they’re all about heightening your natural beauty. Perhaps the bestseller in the range is the ModelCo LashXtend Extension Mascara, which is the key to the lush lashes you’ve always wanted. Lengthening, volumising and defining, this black-as-night formula needs to be in everyone’s beauty arsenal. Smooth away imperfections before applying your makeup with the ModelCo Face Base Primer, which uses Vitamins C and E to hydrate and protect the skin whilst blurring fine lines, pores and uneven texture.

When it comes to fake tanning, ModelCo are all about making things look natural. Try their new ModelCo MC2 Self Tan Dry Body Oil for an easy, stress-free tanning experience that won’t streak or smudge. If you’re really invested in natural formulas, as well as looking naturally tanned, the ModelCo Natural Tan Self-Tan Lotion Medium is a no-nasties favourite packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, making it perfect for sensitive or mature skin.

Gorgeous Cosmetics

Australian-owned beauty brands Gorgeous Cosmetics makeup

Gorgeous Cosmetics are an Australian-owned makeup brand, founded in Melbourne by professional MUA David McConnell. In the years since the brand was founded, Gorgeous Cosmetics have catapulted to international fame, and now sit amongst some of the most coveted mid-range makeup brands in America, the UK and many other countries worldwide. The range is all about giving makeup lovers the tools they need to look and feel gorgeous every day.

Hit products: Gorgeous Cosmetics know that flawless skin is fundamental to an eye-catching makeup look, whether you’re opting for natural or something more dramatic and out-there. Prime the face with the Gorgeous Cosmetics First Base Primer, which will give you an even base that allows your foundation to glide on smoothly. Don’t forget to prime your eyes before going crazy with colourful shades — not only do eye primers help intensify colour, but they also ensure your shadow stays all day. The Gorgeous Cosmetics iPrime Eyeshadow Base is a makeup bag must-have.

Another thing Gorgeous Cosmetics is known for is their bright, pigmented eyeshadows and easy-to-use glitters. Go for the 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palette in Neon for a vivid addition to your collection, or try the coveted Essential Shades Palette for something wearable on the day-to-day. If you’re headed to a festival (or just like glitter, because same) the Gorgeous Cosmetics Colour Flash Glitters are perfect. The shade Mardi Gras is an insanely bright pop of pink, whereas if you prefer something more wearable, go for the Gold Colour Flash Glitter.


Australian-owned beauty brands Simplicite skincare natural organic

Simplicite are an Australian-owned range of natural skincare products that rely on wild harvested and organically grown botanical ingredients from around the country. Unlock the healing powers of rose, sage, lemon and a range of other plant-based oils and extracts by adding Simplicite products into your routine. They boast a huge range packed with everything you’ll need for the perfect skincare routine, including cleansers, facial oils, moisturisers and more.

Hit products: Combination to oily skins will enjoy cleansing with the calming Simplicite Plant Gel Cleanser, which is formulated with carrot extract, a Vitamin A-rich ingredient ideal for smoothing the skin and boosting elasticity. After you’ve cleansed, spritz a little of the Simplicite Flower Water Toning Lotion onto the skin to hydrate and refresh.

Facial oils are definitely on the rise in the skincare world, especially know that they can be beneficial for all skin types, including oily and acne-prone. The Simplicite Sage Oil is extremely beneficial if you suffer from these concerns, but is also excellent for mature or dry skin types, making it an essential all-rounder. Sun damaged skin will benefit from the Simplicite Results Lift Gel, whereas those affected by redness and rosacea should opt for the Simplicite Capillary Repair Serum. Don’t forget to look after the eyes with the Simplicite Instant Help Eye Gel!

Eye of Horus

Australian-owned beauty brands Eye of Horus Cosmetics natural makeup

Based in beautiful Byron Bay, Eye of Horus are an organic and ethically-conscious makeup range that love to explore colour and bold looks. Their huge range includes metallic eyeliners, volumising mascaras, eyeshadow palettes and more, making them the perfect brand for anyone who likes to play around with their makeup. Did we mention that a good portion of their products are vegan, and absolutely everything is cruelty-free?

Hit products: Eye of Horus have been all about the eyes since the beginning — they’re the windows to the soul, after all, and play a huge role in their influencing Egyptian culture. Line the eyes with the Eye of Horus Goddess Eye Pencil in the colour of your choice to create definition and drama. Opt for Smokey Black for the day-to-day, or try unique shades like Scarab Sapphire or Jewel Amethyst for a more unique look.

Perfect your brows using the Eye of Horus Brow Fibre Extend, an eyebrow mascara that can be used to fluff and thicken the hairs to create the illusion of full, natural brows. Another favourite in the Eye of Horus range is their Luminous Isis Eye Shadow Palette, which features three stunning, shimmering champagne and gold shades. Italian baked and highly pigmented, this palette style is also available in the shades Sheba and Maat.

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