Everything You Need for Enviable Eyelashes Without Extensions

Every girl knows the power of gorgeous, fluttery lashes — they elevate any look, even when you’re feeling kinda haggard and have an otherwise bare face. Fork out for regular eyelash extensions, and you’ve found the magical key that’ll stop strangers from asking if you’re tired or sick when you’re wearing no makeup (yep, we’ve all been there).

However, eyelash extensions can be a tough habit to maintain. They’re expensive, can be uncomfortable, and take a lot of upkeep. Simply put, they’re stunning, but not for everyone. If you’re still a little wary about fibres essentially being glued to your natural lashes, we don’t blame you.

Everything You Need for Enviable Eyelashes Without Extensions

If you’re addicted to your eyelash extensions, this is where you stop reading. Instead, we’re talking to those who want to make the most of what mama gave them.

We’ve compiled a list of easy hacks that will help you milk your natural eyelashes for all their worth, resulting in a fuller, fluttery look that’ll have everyone asking, ‘who’s your lash lady?’ Gotcha. Keep on reading to discover 5 simple tips and tricks that will totally elevate your eyelashes to Bambi-level status (yes, a cartoon deer is our inspo).

1. Find your ideal mascara formula

Best Mascara for Your Eyelashes Bob's Burgers

The first step to perfect eyelashes is finding that holy grail mascara you’ll never want to part from. Seriously, once you’ve gotten a hold of ‘the one’, you’ll be dredging up those last dry, tacky bits of mascara from the bottom of the tube like there’s no tomorrow. There are actually a few different types of mascara formula, and knowing the difference is integral to finding your new bae.

Tubing mascara: for strong but stubby lashes. Tubing mascara will be a godsend if you have a lot of hardy lashes but struggle to make ’em look good. What these formulas do is create a tube coating around each lash, enabling them to deliver ultimate pigment and tack a little extra length and volume onto your natural eyelashes.

As a result, tubing mascaras are totally cry, sweat and hot yoga-proof (you are so welcome). When you remove tubing mascara, you’ll need to wet your hands with hot water and gently pull the coating, which can occasionally send a rogue lash or two flying — hence why we don’t recommend them to those with a short supply of eyelashes.

Lengthening mascara: for short yet thick eyelashes. Lengthening mascaras deposit waxy pigment at the tip of each lash, giving the illusion they’re mile-long. Lengthening mascaras also rely a lot on their brush shapes, which are usually long and straight with a slightly pointed tip. This ensures the formula is evenly distributed from the root, and then adds a little lengthening boost right at the end.

Volumising mascara: for long yet thin or sparse eyelashes. Volumising mascaras, as opposed to lengthening, create build up at the root, then giving your eyelashes a thick, full appearance. Volume also has everything to do with the way you apply and the brush you’re using. Make sure you wriggle your brush around at the root before extending up to the tip of the lashes. Rectangle or bubble mascara brushes work wonders for adding volume to thin eyelashes.

2. Use a gentle eye makeup remover

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Putting on mascara is one thing, but taking it off is a whole ‘nother game. While most of us love the feeling of taking off makeup at the end of the day, mascara can be stubborn and often proves the most difficult part of an evening routine. After all, how many times have you ‘gotten it all off’ just to wake up with panda eyes?

A gentle yet effective eye makeup remover will not only prevent this, but it’ll ensure your lashes stay healthy and full, even if you slather them with mascara every day. Try something that’s specifically dedicated to removing eye makeup, rather than an all-over multitasker, as this will ensure each ingredient is 100% eye safe.

3. Try a lash serum

Lash serums are a fantastic way to encourage growth from your natural lashes — trust us, these miracle products are behind some unbelievable eyelash transformations. All you’ve gotta do is stick to it for a few weeks to see a change in the thickness and length of your natural eyelashes.

So, how do products like these work? Well, most of them include ingredients such as biotin, which is meant to bolster the health and overall appearance of the hair, skin and nails (you’ll also find biotin in beauty supplements). Many lash serums also include nutrients and key vitamins that keep the lashes strong and growing optimally. Apply right on the lash line (after all, the ends are dead already, like our hair) to encourage healthier lashes!

4. Don’t forget to prime

Priming your eyelashes is another way to easily build to that full, fluttery look. Eyelash primers not only help lashes stay protected when you’re drowning them in mascara, but also create a coating that enhances their length and fullness. Simply comb through the lashes a few minutes pre-mascara, then go in with your favourite formula as you usually would once the primer is dry. We love the lash primers on offer from Blinc.

5. Falsies are your new BFF

False Eyelashes Funny or Die

Last but not least — falsies! False eyelashes are a go-to if you want to trick people into thinking your lashes could rival a Hollywood celeb. Find the perfect, natural-looking pair and you’ll once again have people asking for your lash lady’s number (it’s ‘1800-all-natural’, baby).

Because you’re gluing the band of a false eyelash to the rim of your eyelid rather than onto the lashes themselves, you won’t suffer any fallout during or after application and removal. Plus, they make it easy to switch between makeup looks — after all, fake lashes come in a huge array of styles and even colours. Grab your lash glue, your fave pair and get to applyin’ for enviable AF lashes.

Will you be adding any of these tricks to your lash maintenance routine? Or, maybe that’s a whole new concept to you — let us know over on Facebook or Twitter!



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