GHD Gold Styler

When most women want, need or desire a hair straightener, let’s not lie, GHD is usually going to be at the top of the list of options! The ever evolving brand has recently released its new model, the GHD Gold Straightener.

The new Gold Styler range is the most luxurious ghd straightener to date and its list of sleek new features are sure to impress. The new design is far sleeker, and exudes a classic and modern elegance. With accents of gold glimmer beneath the perfected black coating the GHD Gold Styler truly is the most gorgeous yet. The straightening plates have been smoothed, contoured and given a high gloss finish to guarantee effortless, ultra-shiny transformed hair, whether you are creating your voluptuous curls or seductive straight.

Loved unconditionally for its universal voltage feature, the GHD Gold styler offers optimum performance wherever you are travelling. Improving on the previous IV styler, the outer body of the styler itself stays much cooler to touch for longer, and is lighter to handle, really making the styling possibilities only limited by your imagination.

This new GHD allows you to style and go with the ingenious protective plate guard. Made from a heat proof plastic compound, this guard can be put on the end of the styling plates, whilst still hot, to hold the arms shut together. Simple yet so clever!

The New ghd Gold Styler comes in the three ghd sizes so whatever your hair type there is a new styler to suit you.
ghd Gold Classic Styler – Ideal for all hairtypes.
ghd Gold Max Styler – Ideal for Thick hair and creating larger curls.
ghd Gold Mini Styler – Ideal for styling short hair and fringes.

Although the $300+ price tag has previously made this must-have item something to only dream about, the ghd gold styler has a lower recommended price, and is available at RY for only $239.95 – saving your more and making that desired ghd just that little bit closer to reality. The ghd gold styler really is the perfect gift, for yourself or someone special. They are an essential hair tool, you can be certain that they will never be tucked away collecting dust.



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