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OPI Shatter

OPI recently launched its exciting new Shatter range of nail polish – making it easier than ever to achieve funky nail art by yourself at home.
Inspired by graffiti art, OPI Shatter gives your nails a two-toned cracked effect when painted over any other dry OPI shade.
OPI Black Shatter was first to hit the shelves swiftly followed by OPI Silver Shatter. Eager buyers have agreed that Shatter has the ‘Wow’ factor and are snapping up both products.
Traditional nail art can be difficult to get right, OPI Shatter nail polish doesn’t make a mess  – it’s easy to fix mistakes – and lets you experiment with tons of different looks. You can’t go wrong.

Get new looks every time by:
– Varying the amount of Shatter you apply
– Varying the pressure you use when applying Shatter
– Applying Shatter either from base to tip, diagonally or from left to right
– Choosing different contrasting base shades

OPI Black Shatter and OPI Silver Shatter are fun products that you can play around with to create your own unique brand of nail art.
Do-it-yourself nail art has never been as easy…



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