Humidity Hair Hacks for Summer

It is officially Summer!!!  School is nearly out, we have our summer dresses and shades on, and are day-dreaming about BBQ’s and cocktails on the beach (make mine a mojito thanks). Here on the Gold Coast the humidity is flying high at 65% (say what?!). No, this isn’t the weather forecast, but I feel it in the air – and I certainly feel it in my hair! If you’re not the hat-wearing kinda gal like myself, or if it’s just not appropriate to be wearing a hat all day – you will love these handy hair hacks and new haircare products for summer, and trust me – they work a treat if I do say so myself!


Hack number 1: Dryer sheets

Ok, this old wives tale might sound a little odd – but some hairdressers swear by it! Rubbing a dryer sheet over your hair, brushes, or your pillow before you sleep at night actually combats static hair. Good job we have the professional haircare equivalent from Redken which are portable and socially acceptable to use! There is 50 sheets in one box allowing you to live a fly-away-free life all throughout Summer! Redken Frizz Dismiss Fly-Away Fix Finishing Sheets X 50 (FPF 10)




Hack number 2: Buy a silk pillowcase or headscarf and go to bed with oil in your hair

Um, this one needs an explanation. Once a week, treat your hair by coating the ends in oil and wrap it. Frizzy hair is caused by dehydration – so letting the oil penetrate the strands overnight will leave your hair nourished and feeling soft. Sleeping on a silk material will be a lot more gentle on your hair, minimising breakages and split ends (hur-ayy!) You can’t talk about haircare products and not mention Moroccanoil Original Oil Treatment 100ml the holy grail in hair oil. Can also be used to style and finish the hair.



Hack number 3: Use a toothbrush and comb your hair with hairspray

Sounds gross? Great for fly-aways! (Just make sure it is a clean toothbrush, or that would be gross!) Small areas of frizz or those fine baby hairs will stay in place all day – because no one rocks a bulls-lick! Ghd Straight & Smooth Spray Normal/Fine Hair 120ml is awesome as it also protects the hair from heat damage.



Hack number 4: Upgrade your hairdryer

Most of us, use a hairdryer and it’s worth checking to see if your hairdryer is ionic. Ionic hairdryers emit negatively charged ions that attach themselves to positively charge hair for a neutralising (smoothing) effect. You can pick up an ionic hairdryer for the same price as a non-ionic. Make the switch and feel the difference through your fingers! Parlux 3800 Ionic And Ceramic Eco Friendly White will not only make your hair happy, it will please your other half/family/neighbours/whoever is in the vicinity as it has a patented silencer to reduce noise! parlux_3800_eco_friendly_supercompact_ceramic_and_ionic_white

Hack number 5: Wash your hair less #lovelazy

You have heard it all before, we know, but your hair has natural oils and washing too frequently strips them away which causes dry, brittle hair. Got naturally oily hair? Hold off washing by using Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Shampoo 150g which rejuvenates hair for soft, supple and shiny results (just call me Kim). Kimmy K got the hair goals.




Wherever you may be, may the humidity be forever in your favour.

Renee Volck

Renee Volck

Writer and expert