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Cosmo Beauty Writer Amelia Bowe shares tips for perfect Brows!

The one thing you’re doing wrong to your eyebrows.

Change this habit and you can change your face.

Amelia Bowe, Cosmo Beauty and Lifestyle writer, has teamed up with to bring you these great tips for perfect brows. Based in Sydney, Amelia has over five years experience in beauty therapy and started writing with Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2013. With this expertise behind her we knew she’d have some great advice for our beauties. Keep reading to find out how you can have the best looking brows ever!

The one major mistake I see more often than a Kim Kardashian selfie is OTT brow product. Thankfully, you don’t necessarily need a professional to correct your hyperactive application. You’ll know you’ve gone overboard with product if your brows are A. a block colour, B. you can no longer see your hairs, or C. you’ve extended the product beyond the bulk of the eyebrow.

If you fall into any of these categories, pay attention to these steps to create natural-looking definition.


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What you’ll need:

  • Either a pencil or crayon, or wax and powder (keeping in mind that powder won’t last as long in sparser brows if you don’t prep with wax)
  • A spool brush
  • An angle brush
  • Brow gel

What to do:

If you do your eyebrows before the rest of your makeup, foundation can build up in the bulk of your eyebrows creating a dirty look on top of your eyebrow products. To avoid this, do your eyebrows last and run a tissue over your eyebrows to remove excess foundation (just avoid the skin so you don’t have bare patches). Now you have a clean slate to fill in.

Step 1:

Brush your eyebrows with your spool brush in the direction they naturally grow. Upwards towards the arch and outwards, is usually the most flattering technique as it will open up the eye area.

Step 2:

Next, apply brow wax with an angle brush to create guidelines so your powder sticks. Start at the front of your brow and follow the underneath line towards your arch and along your tail. Do the same along your top line. Feather some wax throughout the middle of your eyebrows to mimic your hairs.

Step 3:

Then, using the same angle brush, apply the powder on top of the wax, following the top and bottom lines, and use light strokes to mimic your hairs throughout the middle. TIP: If you don’t have an already-defined top or bottom eyebrow line, focus on creating hair-like strokes throughout the bulk of your brow.

Step 4:

Use the spool brush to blend the powder through your brows in the direction of your growth, making sure you’re spreading the powder through your entire eyebrow – this will create a soft, natural shadow which gives the illusion of hairs.

Step 5:

Finish with brow gel to keep them in place.

Have you tried any of these tricks before?

Tell us how you get perfect brows below…

Renee Volck

Renee Volck

Writer and expert