Which Brush Where? Make-up Brush Guide

There are an absolute abundance of make-up brushes flocking the market. It can be so hard to choose the right one for the specific purpose you require, or even worse, you may find yourself buying way more brushes than you need (okay I admit this might not be the worst thing to ever happen). To help you figure out which brushes are essential to achieve flawless make-up application, keep reading!

1. Foundation –

This is the big one. It is so important to apply your base products correctly, so as not to throw off your whole make-up look. ‘Foundation’ can of course be substituted for a tinted moisturiser or bb cream, depending on your preference. This can be most confusing as ‘foundation brushes’, I find are the most difficult tool to use to apply foundation. (See ‘Foundation Brush’ below). I find the best thing to apply foundation with is a flat top or a round top face brush. The bigger brush makes applying foundation a dream as it covers a bigger surface easier. It also does two jobs at once, blending while you buff, saving you time and energy – the most important thing when applying make-up. Try the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush or Bare Minerals Precision Face Brush – this one is particularly good at fitting the contours of your face.

Foundation Brush

2. Concealer –

This is where the so called ‘foundation brushes’ come in to play. I think the best way to seamlessly blend powder or liquid concealer under the eye is with one of these babies. The flat, round end makes for a smooth finish. I love Gorgeous Cosmetics Foundation Brush #016. If you’re blending concealer on other areas such as around the nose, forehead or problem areas, try the pointed tip of a damp BeautyBlender. Bounce this off the skin a few times for flawless coverage.

Beauty Blender

3. Setting Powder –

Personally for powder I think the bigger the better. A short handled Kabuki works well as you can really work on stippling the powder down. Try Becca Kabuki Brush.

4. Bronzer –

If you’re going for an all over glow, a big fluffy brush is ideal for bronzer. I use the Real Techniques Blush Brush.

5. Contour –

If you’re looking to more sculpt your face, try an angled brush that will fit in the hollows of your cheeks. The best one to try is Becca The One Perfecting Brush or Napoleon Perdis Sable Angled Contour Brush.

6. Blush –

Applying the right amount of blush can be tricky. You want to get that pop of colour on your cheeks without going too clown-like. Apply the perfect amount every time with the Ecotools Tapered Blush Brush

7. Eye shadow –

I’m all about that one brush eye shadow look, but if I’m being realistic you need a few if you want to create really dynamic looks. The first one you need is a flat shading brush to get an even distribution of colour over the lid. The Napoleon Perdis Sable Diffusing Eye Brush works well. The second one you’ll need is a fluffy brush to blend a colour into the socket. This creates a natural looking transition without any harsh lines. Try Youngblood Crease Blush. The third one is entirely optional but great for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner. Anything with a tapered tip will work well; I love Bare Minerals Double Ended Precision Brushs.

eye shadow look

8. Eye Liner –

If you’re partial to a bit of Gel Liner, an easy way to apply it is with a small angle tipped brush such as this Gorgeous Cosmetics one.

Phew that sounds like a lot of brushes. Hopefully you have a clearer idea of which ones you need and which ones you can say ‘no thanks’! If you still don’t really know where to begin Gorgeous Cosmetics offer a Perfect 7 Brush Collection set which covers pretty much everything mentioned above.

What’s your FAVOURITE make-up tool? Brush, sponge or fingers?

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Good luck Beauties!

Renee Volck

Renee Volck

Writer and expert