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Dry Shampoo

How did we live before the days of Dry Shampoo?

I’m sure I speak not only for myself when I say that it is such a fantastic invention and that I couldn’t or wouldn’t live without it. I have a bottle in my handbag, and it never leaves – just in case!

It’s not really something that you replace shampooing your hair for, but rather gives your hair a boost, or life line in between washes. I have quiet fine long hair, so I really should wash my hair every day otherwise it gets a little bit limp and oily.

With my Dry Shampoo I am able to get away with washing every second day, with a spray on the inbetween days. It simply absorbs some of the oil and refreshes my scalp. It maybe because my hair is quiet fine, but I also find that it gives me a bit of root volume too. It’s also great for people who are confined to bed and unable to wash their hair.

I have tried only two brands of Dry Shampoo, Redken  and Klorane, both work well, but I much prefer the smell of Batiste, personally I thought Klorane smelled a bit clinical. Batiste is also a little less expensive, which is always good on the account balance.

Make sure you follow the directions on the back of the can so that you don’t have white hair!

Dry shampoos have effective cleaning properties due to their combination of highly absorbent agents of different densities, which means the product is easy to brush out. The absorbent natural microspheres are molecules of glucose with a strong affinity for sebum. Combined with softening, protective oat extract, the formula has an effective action against excess sebum and can be used as often as necessary.

An extra industry tip for those with more than a little more oil production, you can try applying a little talc at night, this will rub and absorb into the scalp through you natural night movements. This too is a great tip for those with early starts or busy schedules  – sometimes we just don’t have time to get up that 30 minutes earlier and wash our hair!



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