How Much Better Off Are You Than New Zealand?

It is fairly obvious to those of us who love beauty that we are basically gipped living in the southern hemisphere. And that’s not just beauty! It’s food, clothes and heaps of other good stuff! We are limited in the brands we can get, the prices are basically double and don’t even get me started on the shipping times. First world problems – Am I right? We’re grateful for everything we have in Australia but it can be seriously frustrating at times.

So – to make us Aussies feel better – let’s take a look at just how much worse it can get in New Zealand!

How Much Better Off Are You Than New Zealand?

1. Food

Probably the most important one (obvs). In Australia food prices are pretty high but to give you some perspective a beloved Mars Bar will cost you:

73c in the US

$1.00 in AUS

$1.29 in NZ

mars bar

What’s that got to do with the price of fish?

2. Shipping Cost

With online shopping being more prominent than ever shipping costs to Australia are becoming more important. Especially because a lot of the products and brands we love exist on the other side of the world! To give you a bit of an idea, I’ve listed some average shipping costs below:

US Domestic – FREE

US to AUS – $15

US to NZ – $25

And you thought we had it bad!

3. Shipping Time

We do basically live on opposite ends of the globe to practically everyone else so it is understandable there would be some delay. Until the days we can teleport, we have to put up with:

Domestic US: 1-3 days

US – AUS: 3-5 days

US – NZ: 5-10 days

4. Makeup

For all the beauty lovers out there – this one hurts. The price of a bottle of foundation differs hugely.

US – $35

AUS – $49

NZD – $62

Ouchhhh. Don’t even get me started on drugstore products L’OReal Foundation for $10. We can only dream.

5. Travel Time

Not many people like sitting on air planes for whole DAYS but it is our only option from down here.

UK to US – 11 hours

UK to AUS – 22 hours

UK to NZ – 24 hours

That’s direct too which currently doesn’t exist. Keep in mind stop overs etc and phewww is travelling even worth it?

6. Travel Distance

And lastly – to put in real perspective – take a look at how many K’s away we really are.

US from the UK – 8,772 km

AUS from the UK – 16,971 km

NZ from the UK – 18,812 km

We really are worlds apart! I hope that helped put things in perspective for you.

Check out our handy infographic and share it with your friends if you’re an Aussie or Kiwi that’s tired of being gipped!

Renee Volck

Renee Volck

Writer and expert