Body Brushing with FOREO LUNA™ 4 Body

Dry brushing has gained popularity in recent years for its potential benefits on skin health and overall well-being. We caught up with Adelle from FOREO, to get the lowdown on their latest innovation – the new FOREO LUNA 4 Body.

“Whilst we explore the importance of body circulation, we will also look at the traditional technique of dry brushing, and how the innovative FOREO LUNA™ 4 Body can effectively replace your dry brush, providing a convenient and enhanced experience for revitalising your skin.

Understanding Body Circulation

Good blood circulation is vital for overall health, as it promotes the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells while removing toxins and waste products. Proper body circulation supports organ function, muscle recovery, and even contributes to the health and appearance of our skin. By stimulating blood flow, we can enhance our overall well-being and promote a healthy complexion.


The Traditional Technique of Dry Brushing

Dry brushing involves using a natural bristle brush to gently massage the skin in upward circular motions. This technique helps exfoliate dead skin cells, unclog pores, and stimulate blood circulation. Dry brushing enthusiasts believe it can improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of cellulite, exfoliate the body and promote elements of detoxification.


Introducing the FOREO LUNA™ 4 Body 

The FOREO LUNA™ 4 Body is a revolutionary beauty device that combines advanced T-Sonic™ pulsations and firming massage technology to provide a superior alternative to traditional dry brushing. With its ultra-hygienic silicone bristles, the LUNA™ 4 Body effectively removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and promotes lymphatic drainage while enhancing blood circulation. In addition to all that goodness it can assist with strawberry legs, the prevention of ingrown hairs and soft and smooth skin.

Benefits of Luna 4 Body vs. Traditional Dry Brushing 

The LUNA™ 4 Body offers several advantages over traditional dry brushing. Firstly, its pulsations and massage technology provide a deeper and more invigorating treatment, stimulating circulation and promoting skin rejuvenation. Secondly, the LUNA™ 4 Body‘s silicone bristles are hygienic, gentle on the skin, and easy to clean, making it a more practical and durable option. Lastly, the LUNA™ 4 Body’s smart features, such as customizable intensities and guided routines via the FOREO app, ensure a tailored and personalised experience.

While dry brushing has its merits, the FOREO LUNA™ 4 Body offers an innovative and convenient solution for enhancing body circulation and revitalising the skin. By incorporating advanced T-Sonic™ pulsations and firming massage technology, this revolutionary beauty device replaces the need for traditional dry brushes. Embrace the LUNA™ 4 Body‘s superior benefits, customise your treatments, and experience the remarkable improvement in your overall well-being and the health of your skin.”

Adelle Petropoulos, FOREO PR, Communications and Social Media Manager 



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