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Sometimes it can be good to get a perspective from the other side of the fence – if you know what I’m saying. Get a mans opinion up in here! It may come as a surprise but I have no idea what is involved in a mans skincare routine nor do I know how to shave my face….

That’s why I’m so excited this week to have Simon Proietto from the Skincare Obsessive feature as a guest blogger for us to cover all this and more!

The Skincare Obsessive Guest Blog – Mens Grooming

by Simon Proietto

Shaving is a crucial part of every mans grooming routine, sometimes my whole grooming routine revolves around the shaving process so it’s important I’m taking the right steps and using the appropriate products to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Cleansing / Exfoliating:

Before you shave it’s really important that your face is properly cleansed but also exfoliated, exfoliating the skin before shaving will give the skin a really deep clean but will also help to lift the hairs around your beard area making the razor glide more smoothly over the area, this will also allow the razor to pick up as many hairs as possible.

Exfoliating the skin will also help to prevent ingrown hairs therefore helping with things like inflammation and sensitivity.

Product Recommendation: Payot Men Deep Cleansing Gel.


The Foam:

Now your skin is properly exfoliated it’s time to apply some sort of foam to the desired area, make sure to use a shaving foam that contains ingredients that help to prevent any irritation caused to the skin. It’s also important to get your quantities right, you don’t want to use so much that your razor gets clogged but you still want to use enough to make sure that your razor has something to easily glide over.

Product Recommendation: Payot Optimale Rassage Precis Ultra-Comfort Foaming Gel.

Payot Foaming Gel

After Care:

After you shave your skin can become quite sensitive so it’s important to use a moisturiser right after your shave to make sure the area is hydrated and protected. Using a moisturiser on a daily basis will help to soften and hydrate the skin, meaning that your skin is perfectly prepped for whenever your ready to shave.

Product Recommendation: Elemis Daily Moisture Boost.

I love using this particular product after I shave as it absorbs really quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave any sort of residue and helps to calm down any irritation caused by shaving.



I hope Simon taught you guys a little more about Mens Grooming Routines

He was certainly more helpful than me!

What’s your favourite product you love to steal from your man?

Let me know below…

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