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Napoleon Perdis NP Set Make Up Review

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I LOVE Napoleon products. They are one of the few brands that do foundations that are light enough for my pale skin. They also do incredible colours and brushes. And after meeting the man himself at his Masterclass earlier this year, I fell even more in love with the make up and the brand.Some make up brands dip their toes into skincare and fail miserably. But Napoleon Perdis are one brand that do it well. Two years ago I bought their Auto Pilot Step 1 2 3 Set. I absolutely loved their cleanser. It was one of those rare products that are good for any skin type. And the moisturiser was beautiful and made my skin so soft.Recently Napoleon released a new skincare line for their NP Set collection. To me, their newest skincare range feels like Auto Pilots younger sister. The cleanser and toner are all about purifying and detoxing the skin.

When I first tried the cleanser I was a bit confused (which isn’t hard when you’re a blonde!). It came out as a liquid. “Ohhh, water must have fallen in the bottle” I thought. So I pour out some more, and more liquid comes out. I start to read the instructions thinking I have a dodgy bottle. But NO! Don’t be silly like me and waste the liquid. It’s supposed to be like that!! I’m used to foams, creams and gel cleansers, so it took a couple of uses to get used to a liquid.  The best thing to do is foam it up into your hands by rubbing them together and then massaging it into your face.

The cleanser contains aloe vera and shea butter to moisturise and protect the skin. There are also lots of antioxidants from oranges, carrots and tomatos in each bottle. What I love about the cleanser is that I can feel it working and cleaning the dirt and make up from my skin, without drying it out. Even though it’s supposed to purify my skin, it doesn’t leave it feeling dry or tight.

Next I apply the Detoxifying Facial Toner. For the past 2 years I have used a mist as a toner, so using a gel toner felt weird. Because I’m a creature of habit, I end up doing a double tone by using the Napoleon Toner after I cleansed, leave it on for a minute then wash it off, then used my usual mist toner. For the majority of people the NP toner would work fine by itself. But me, being slightly crazy, needs the effect of the mist.

The toner contains green tea extract and B5 to help with anti aging and protecting the skin from irritation. The great thing about both the cleanser and toner is that it’s paraben free.

They both smell so gorgeous. In the range there is also a Day Cream and a Night Cream. In Australia they are available, along with the body products, online at and also from their Concept Stores. The prices are great with all of the skincare products under $35 each. The packaging is also cute and I love how easily identifiable the bottles are for those mornings when you’re so tired you go to put toothpaste on as cleanser (PLEASE say you’ve done it too….or at least went to use conditioner as a body lotion)!

Are you as much of a fan of Napoleon as I am? What’s your favourite product? Mine has to be the Auto Pilot Primer. I can’t live without it!



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