The best makeup removers for sensitive skin

What happens if I don’t remove my makeup?


It’s late, you’ve had a huge night and all you want to do is go to bed. Trust us- we’ve been there! Regardless of how tired you may be, we’d seriously recommend using your last ounces of energy to remove your makeup. Even if it means you end up sleeping in your clothes from that day and not your pajamas!

Removing your makeup is one of the most important steps when it comes to an effective skincare routine.

When you sleep in makeup your skin isn’t able to breathe properly or shed dead skin cells. This usually results in… you guessed it: pimples and other impurities. Not only that, you also run the risk of seriously harming your eyes if any rogue flecks of eye makeup seep into the area.

Even if you do manage to remove the majority of makeup, doing a haphazard job is a huge roadblock when it comes to achieving clear, healthy, skin. Leaving behind traces of makeup means that your skincare products aren’t able to penetrate the skin effectively, so you’re ultimately wasting your time, product and money!

In order to get the most effective makeup removal and clean possible, we’d recommend double cleansing. Use a makeup remover as your first step to remove the majority of makeup, SPF, dirt pollution and oil. Next, use a cleanser designed for your skin, to clean any excess product/ debris from the skin and to help treat your specific skin concern.


Which are the best makeup removers for sensitive skin?


Finding the right products for sensitive skin can be a little bit tricky. Skin that suffers from sensitivity generally doesn’t like anything too harsh or fragranced.

The following products are among some of the best makeup removers for sensitive skin because they’re gentle, hydrating and don’t contain fragrances.

Designed for sensitive skin, this micellar water removes makeup and dirt while keeping the skin calm, soothed and balanced.

This gentle cleanser is formulated using squalene, which protects the skin’s moisture barrier while it cleans.

Perfect for those who wear heavy foundations and waterproof eye makeup, this oil based formula cuts through makeup and debris, leaving skin super clean and soft.

If makeup wipes are your preferred method of makeup removal but you suffer with sensitivity, you’ll love these. They’re super saturated which means they glide expertly over the skin, removing makeup as they go.

Jojoba is known for its skin-soothing, nourishing properties and this guy is packed full of it! Oily skin need not beware, as oil cleansers actually work to dissolve excess oil on the skin.





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