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Redken Real Control Road Test

I have bushy hair. Not curly, not wavy, just plan bushy. It’s impossible to manage, I have tried well over 50 smoothing serums and pastes to control frizz and humidity and frankly they very rarely do what they say on the label. Real control is the newest range to be launched from Redken in Australia. For those of you familiar with the Redken range this new product is billed as All Soft meets Extreme.

Redken is moving with the times with the product and has introduced thermal technology in the products to cope with the everyday stress and strains from heat damage. Thermal resist is the best of the bunch as it detangles and repairs heat damaged hair.  With 80% of us using a ghd styler and hairdryers it’s surprising to me more companies are not focusing on this important part of the market.

I took my lovely purple bottles into the shower three weeks ago and within a week I was so impressed I have purchased the whole range. My tip for all Redken products is to follow the instructions if it says leave in conditioner for 15 mins then leave it in for 15 mins. If it hasn’t made you hair super soft in that time it’s not going to. Also new to Redken in this range is the overnight treat,  it’s the only product in the huge range that can be left in overnight. It absorbed straight into my hair so I was not left with that sticky feeling or product over my clean sheets and pillowcase.

After three weeks I still have bushy hair but it has given me a least enough control to be a well kept bush not an out of control rain forest. Redken Real Control really does do what it says on the label. If you have a smilair condtion to me (the bush) let me know what you use.

James Patten

James Patten

Writer and expert