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Tips for the Perfect Pout

The only lipstick tricks and tips you need to know to have that mother puckin’ perfect pout (so badass)

1. Include your lips in your skincare routine

– we know you take your lipstick off at night (or we hope so!) but don’t just stop there: remove makeup, exfoliate, moisturise, repeat!

To remove: Professionals in the salon environment use eye makeup remover to remove lip products during facials, replicate this at home by using Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make-up Remover 118ml

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Scrub to smooth: Up-and-coming model Kaia Crawford’s all time favourite beauty product is a good lip scrub and if her advice is coming straight from mother supermodel Cindy, then we will follow suit! Try exfoliating with Bite Beauty Fruit Scrub Whipped Cherry 7.39g it smells so good – just try not to eat it! Not only does it smell scrumptious; it fights those nasty radicals and brightens lips #winning #grinning.

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Moisturise: To stop lips drying out and becoming flaky and chapped, keep them hydrated with Jane Iredale Lipdrink (SPF 15) perfect to apply at night when those bad boys are getting rest or when your lips are having a day off from colour.


2. Prime

Now you have your lip care routine sussed it’s time to prime. Using a primer provides a base for even application and gives your lip colour something to hold on to. If you are going for a bright colour and want that colour to ‘pop’ use Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Lip Service Original 12.5ml for a true to tube shade.

For a more natural look try Bite Beauty BB For Lips Natural 3.52g which will help your colour stay on all day, soften lips and lock moisture in.

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3. Line those lips

To stop any colour bleeding and to give your lips a fuller look (if that’s what you’re going for) use a lip liner to match the shade of lipstick. Begin by rolling the liner between your hands to warm it up, prevent hard lines and allow for an easier application. To make a statement with Ri-ri’s perfet cupid’s bow, draw an X on your upper lip and shape from there.

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For definition without using liner, blot concealer into the centre of the groove and blend. Using a highlighter along your cupids bow will reflect light and lips will appear plumper (hello optical illusion lip job!)

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4. Colour application

To get that full-on  professional colour application use Real Techniques Retractable Lip brush to apply your favourite colour.


To make the colour durable to keep it on as the day is long it’s time to use the old wives tale that really works: Blot > re-apply > blot > re-apply (hanky anyone?) For a natural look, blot the colour in the centre of your lips and blend out.

Gone over the edges? Fear not! Use a slanted brush like Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection #202 Angled Liner Brush with concealer to correct any wobbly bits to create a smooth line.


5. Lipstick on your teeth?

Now you have put in that effort, have a smokin’ hot pout the last thing you need it lipstick on your teeth (probably one of the most embarrassing things evz) before you go out, pop your index finger in  your mouth, and close your mouth then pull out, this will take off any excess lip colour that was near the teeth-no-go-danger-zone. When you are out, keep a compact mirror (or camera selfie mode) handy, and remember a real friend tells you!


Renee Volck

Renee Volck

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