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Remember your skin issues as a teen? Dermalogica continue to be at the forefront of both beauty research as well as new product releases. They are continually investing time and money to research the needs of the industry. Through such investigations, Dermalogica recognised that no one is addressing the true needs of teenage and young adult skin. The abundant choices available to them don’t necessary result in good choices: most products tend to use harsh and expensive ingredients to strip the skin of its natural oil.

Introducing Clean Start! Quite simply Clean Start cuts through the hype unlike most other skin care lines – with amazing products that deliver results.

Dermalogica founder Jane Wurwand says “Now that I have teenage daughters myself, it’s become clear that no one is addressing their needs… not only with products that get results, but also with the education they need.” That’s why the product names and package designs for the Clean start range were shaped by a special teen council – they shared what worked and what didn’t when it came to their own skin. In order to get the education across Dermalogica paired with Inner-City Filmmakers (ICF). ICF is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, created after the 1993 Los Angeles riots. ICF teams seasoned film experts with disadvantaged youths, giving them free, year-round professional and business skills training, mentoring, and paid work opportunities in the motion picture and television industries.

Janes’s own skin and product issues became the basis for Dermalogica’s formulations and is the reason that so many skin conditions can tolerate Dermalogica products. Held to the same standard, backed by the same research, Clean Start products are free of artificial fragrance and colours, mineral oil, SD alcohol (which is basically regular old alcohol with a nasty tasting chemical added for use in cosmetic products to make it undrinkable), comedogenic (tending to produce or aggravate acne) and allergy causing ingredients, bring a unique alternative to teen products that traditionally contain such harsh and inexpensive filler, which do more damage than good.

More often than not teens are too shy or embarrassed to ask or talk about their skin – if this is the case navigate them towards The Official

Clean Start Webpage.There is plenty of info that they can find there about many  different topics on how to battle all the issues that teens face.

clean start range


Cleansing and toning are where healthy skin starts.
Wash off – a foaming cleanser to clear away dead skin cells, oils and build up for a clean surface. Salicylic acid clears trapped oils and creak-out causing bacteria. RRP $39
All Over Clear – This refreshing mist splashes over skin to control shine and keep breakouts away. Liquorish and Burdock extracts help hydrate calm and soothe skin. RRP $36


Rid skin of breakout triggers (excess oils, dead skin cells) to keep breakouts away.
Ready, Set, Scrub! – It’s a masque, it’s a scrub it’s a breakout fighting, pore-refining duo. Silica granules polish away those skin-clogging cells. RRP $39
Bedtime for Breakouts – Overnight treatment.  Salicylic acid helps to unclog impactions and prevent breakouts. RRP $40
Hit the Spot – A clear, concentrated spot treatment that blends into skin. Zinc Sulphate helps to eliminate bacteria. RRP $40


Smooth, protected, hydrated skin without a greasy after-feel or clogged pores.
Welcome Matte SPF15 – a lightweight lotion that says good-bye to shine, helps keep skin clear without drying skin.  SPF shield skin from UV light without slogging pores. RRP $45
Brighten Up SPF15 – Hydrate and be bright wit this multi-tasking SPF lotion with a national tint and shimmer. RRP $45
Smart Mouth Lip Shine – Apply and shine with this super-smoothing, shine inducing lip shield. RRP $30

IN THE PRESSmedia clean start
Girlfriend: “Dermalogica is also launching a rad new range for teen skin that we are mental for…”
Style Icons: “Pioneering professional skincare brand Dermalogica launched a new teen range recently with a clock of excitable adolescents keen to test drive the brand new offering… The first foray into the teen market for the skin care giant, Clean Start was developed in response to the very specific demands of adolescent skin and what was seen as a gap in the skincare market.”
Cleo: “recommends All Over Clear for acneic skin.”



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