What Eyeshadow Suits Your Eye Colour?

Experimenting with different colours of eyeshadow can help to play up your best features and take any look to the next level. However, with the multitude of colours, textures and shades out there, choosing the right eyeshadow can be overwhelming. Women often wonder what shades of eyeshadow will work best with their eye colour, for example, what eyeshadow suits brown eyes? The following tips and tricks will help you to best pick out colours that will look the best, not only for your eye colour, but also for your skin tone.

What Eyeshadow Best Suits Brown Eyes?

Brown eyes are one of the easiest colours to match; because brown is a neutral colour. However, there are few colours to avoid and some select colours that will take your brown eyes to the next level. Browns tend to pair well with natural colours such as greens, greys and other warm-toned browns. For a subtle look during the day, choose one of these colours and create a soft, modern look. To amp it up a notch for the evening, experiment with pops of colour such as deep purples and blues. Make sure to choose colours that are rich rather than lighter alternatives, which will compete with, rather than compliment your eye colour.

What Eyeshadow Best Suits Green Eyes?

Women with green or hazel eyes have plenty of options in terms of colours and can pull off many looks with muted tones of eyeshadow. For example a pale peach, light pink or pastel purple looks amazing on this eye colour, however any of these colours in excess can take away from the look. For evening, play with slightly deeper colour and sparkle in golden copper brown tones or forest greens. With the addition of a light cream colour for your crease, you can balance out the deeper colours without looking overdone.

What Eyeshadow Best Suits Blue Eyes?

Blue eyes tend to come in different tones. For example bright blue eyes look better with slightly different colours than grey-blue eyes. Brighter eye colours look great with an emerald green or a pale green for the day, however these greens may not play up the more muted colour of grey-blue eyes. As a general rule of thumb, peachy pinks are a great choice for a light day look and all shades of blue eyes look wonderful with a smoky grey for the evening.

Choosing Colours To Compliment Your Skin Tone

For ladies with fair skin, avoid overdoing the colour. Although eyes can look amazing with a deep, rich eyeshadow, these colours go a long way on fair skin and using too much can result in a heavy look. Alternatively, those with darker skin, look for rich coloured shadows with a small amount of sparkle to help play up the evening look.

One of the best ways to choose eyeshadow colours is to try them on to see what works best for your unique features, however some guidance in terms of colours can save you a lot of wasted time and effort. The above tips can help as a starting point for picking the colour range that will best work for your skin tone and eye colour. So now, women wondering what eyeshadow best suits brown eyes (and all other eye colours) have some quick and easy to follow rules for picking the perfect eyeshadow.

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