Evo Buying Guide

If you're not sure which Evo shampoo and conditioner will be right for your hair type, it's time to refer to our handy Evo Buying Guide!

2017-06-05 09:15:31By Charlotte


Does Dry Shampoo Brand Matter?

2017-05-26 09:58:43By Charlotte


The Quirky Packaging You Have to Stop and Read

We're suckers for gorgeous packaging, but every now and then a brand comes along with a quirky twist. Here are our favourites.

2017-05-22 09:09:15By Charlotte


What is Evo Fabuloso and Why is It So Popular?

Heard of the famed Evo Fabuloso but not sure what it does? Find out what we love most about these colour-preserving conditioners, and how to use them.

2017-05-19 09:08:31By Charlotte


Why Your Hair Needs Protein

Just like protein is a super important component of a balanced diet, it's also a necessity if you want strong, healthy hair. Making sure you consume enough protein is a good start, but if you're looking for model-shiny hair with minimal breakage, protein treatments are definitely the way to go!

2017-05-16 12:10:14By Charlotte


Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017

Whether you know exactly what your mum wants this year or you have a "don't get me anything" kind of mum, we've got you covered with the Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017.

2017-05-05 11:34:07By Renee Volck


5 Must Have Hair Trends from Met Gala 2017

It was ON at the Met Gala 2017 last night, where all eyes were on the red carpet for the most out there looks, hair trends and beautiful gowns.

2017-05-03 12:12:43By Renee Volck


Do You Want a Hank or a Bruce?

The whole evo range really embodies funky, quirky naming and descriptions of all their products - so why should the brushes be any different? If you want to know the difference between a Hank or a Bruce, or any of the other great brushes - keep reading below!

2017-05-02 14:10:45By


Landed this week!

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