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How to Keep Your Makeup Brushes Like New

Over time, makeup brushes can deteriorate until they look and work nothing like the day you bought them. The bristles can become stiff and splayed. This means you have to constantly purchase new brushes to keep your makeup applying skills stellar. Fortunately, there are several ways by which you can keep your brushes working like new for longer. Knowing how to wash makeup brushes isn’t rocket science, but by following these few tips you can learn how to keep your makeup brushes like new and improve their longevity.

Use a Brush Bag to Keep Brushes Fresh

Brushes accumulate dirt, so store them in a brush or makeup bag to prevent the contamination. You want to do whatever you can to limit the amount of dirt that your brushes are exposed to because once it’s on your brush, it can transfer to your face and cause blackheads and other blemishes. If you notice that you are breaking out more and getting more pimples, take a look at your brushes to see what kind of mess they are in. They might be the culprit, so you should know how to clean makeup brushes.

Jane Iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner

Regular Cleaning with Brush Cleaner Will Extend Brush Life

To clean makeup brushes using a complete washing method, use a brush cleaner like our Jane Iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner. Use a few spritzes of brush cleaner and gently rub the bristles with a paper towel or soft cloth to clean dirt and accumulated makeup. Note that the brush should dry for a couple of hours before you use it again.

Clean Brushes with Wet Wipes

If you’re too late and your makeup brushes accumulate dirt, you can clean the makeup brushes with wet wipes. These can work wonders to getting your brushes back into shape, and your makeup looking stellar. Wet wipes will teach you how to wash makeup brushes. It’s really simple. Just rub the makeup brush onto the wet wipe. Right away, you can see the makeup residue wash off. After a couple of minutes, the makeup brush should be dry and you can then proceed to use it. People often use this method two or three times per month to clean their brushes in between complete washings. Knowing this can help when your brushes accumulate dirt. If you don’t have any wipes handy, the team at MakeupGeek also recommend trying to clean makeup brushes using household soap and clean water, which should be fine for most brushes.

Quick Cleaning with Anti-Bacterial or Alcohol Sprays

Another option is the anti-bacterial sprays that contain alcohol. The alcohol can kill any bacteria that may be present on the brush. This is also a quick-dry solvent, so you don’t need to wait as long for the brush to dry before applying makeup. The anti-bacterial spray isn’t as thorough as a brush cleaner, but it is a great method for anyone who is in a rush.

By following these tips about how to wash makeup brushes, you will have brushes that look like new longer. These methods will also prevent the spread of germs to your face. Keep your brushes clean and they will last you for many years!

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