Introducing: asap’s NEW liquid platinum

ATT: skincare lovers! Best selling cosmeceutical brand asap have just launched an exciting new product and we’re here to give you the low-down!

Introducing asap liquid platinum, a regenerating treatment that works the night shift to refine and brighten your skin, while you’re busy getting those zzz’s 😴

Why you need asap liquid platinum

  • liquid platinum helps to firm, brighten and hydrate the skin while reducing pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles all in one easy step- do we even need to say more?!
  • This clever multi-tasker also gently dissolves dead skin cells AND stimulates collagen production, while its low pH delivery system helps to increase the penetration of subsequently applied products.
  • It’s suitable for all skin types thanks to a unique, slow release delivery system (yes, sensitive skin, even you!) In fact, this multi-tasking product actually helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier function by locking in moisture.

What’s in asap liquid platinum?

Active ingredients include:

AHA (GLYCOLIC ACID) COMPLEX: not only does this unique glycolic acid complex gently exfoliate dead skin cells, it increases cell turnover by 21%, promoting collagen production to improve skin texture, elasticity and firmness!

SACCHARIDE ISOMERATE: Don’t worry about trying to pronounce it, all you need to know is that this nourishing, plant derived complex, reduces signs of dry skin by up to 20% in just 4 weeks.

ARGININE: A moisture-retaining amino acid and antioxidant that boosts the skins own Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) while fights against ageing.

LARCH WOOD EXTRACT: Decreases melanin by 73% resulting in brighter skin and a smooth, even-toned complexion.

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asap skin products are scientifically formulated using environmentally friendly ingredients with no parabens, mineral oil, SLS/SLES, artificial fragrances, plastic microbeads or animal derivatives, and are never tested on animals. Shop their whole range of high-quality skincare here



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