Professional Haircare Brands Worth the Splurge

As much as we trust our hairdressers, professional haircare often seems like a bit of a ploy to get us to fork out the big bucks. Even if you’ve been subjected to a long lament about how detrimental supermarket brands are for your locks, a late night trip to Woolies when you’ve run out of shampoo is usually enough to convince you otherwise (at least, it is for us).

Professional Haircare Brands Worth the Splurge

Despite all the hype surrounding professional haircare, though, it truly is the best option for keeping your hair in check, especially if it’s damaged or coloured. Instead of entering the world of professional haircare alone and clueless, we’ve rounding up our top brands that are definitely worth the splurge.

These are the all-time, tried and tested favourites our customers keep coming back to. Keep on reading to discover the most effective professional haircare brands that are totally worth your money.


Alterna professional haircare Bamboo Kendi Oil

Perfect for: The girl who wants luxe, perfect hair all day long

What they’re about: Alterna are a professional haircare brand with a gentle yet effective approach to product creation — each of their formulas is results-driven, yet doesn’t rely on harsh nasties to do the job. Using Alterna products will help you achieve hair that looks and feels luxe — essentially as if you’ve just stepped out of the salon! As a result, they’re a favourite amongst stylists and their celebrity clients.

Bestsellers: Alterna boast a few key ranges, with their Bamboo line being one of the most popular. These products, including the ever-popular Smooth Kendi Oil Treatment, are ideal for taming the frizzies or simply slicking back flyaways, giving you that enviably sleek look. Another essential from the Bamboo range, especially if you deal with frizzy hair on the reg, is the Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo.

If you’re concerned about the signs of physical ageing, don’t limit your self-care to your skin — your hair needs a little TLC, too! The Alterna Caviar range is designed especially for this. Try the Caviar Seasilk Treatment Hair Masque to revitalise your locks, hydrating and smoothing.

Grow Gorgeous

Grow Gorgeous professional haircare hair growth range

Perfect for: anyone looking for long, healthy locks

What they’re about: Grow Gorgeous are first and foremost a hair growth brand, however they don’t go the pills and powders route — instead, you’ll be picking up a miracle serum that tells your locks to grow long and strong.

In addition to this bestselling item (which we’ll give you the full scoop on in a sec), the GG range includes shampoos, conditioners, colour protectors and more that ensure your hair is always at optimum strength. Grow Gorgeous products are ideal for any hair type.

Bestsellers: The number one item in the Grow Gorgeous range is their Hair Density Serum, which has been proven to leave hair looking fuller after just eight days. Simply apply a few drops to the scalp daily, massaging in gently. Another favourite is the 11-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner, which delivers 11 key benefits to the hair and eliminates the need for shampoo.


VERB Products professional haircare Sea Spray

Perfect for: the cool, effortless girl (bonus points if you love the beach)

What they’re about: Founded in Austin, Texas, VERB are a professional haircare brand with a twist. Their formulas still cater to the traditional range of hair types, but feature unique ingredients and take an effortless, laid-back approach to looking after your locks. They’re not overcomplicated, making them perfect for the girl or guy wanting a taste of what professional haircare can offer.

Bestsellers: VERB are famous for their Sea Spray, a texturising mist with sea salt that is beloved by celebs including beauty guru Jaclyn Hill. Simply spritz a little into damp hair and scrunch for beachy vibes. Their Volume range is also a hot commodity, as it plumps up the hair with weightless density.


Redken professional haircare range

Perfect for: the girl who wants hair health and soft silkiness

What they’re about: Redken are a storied brand in the professional haircare world, with roots dating back to 1960. Founded by a stylist and a model, Redken products are definitely go-tos for the runway and magazine covers, as well as your everyday shower routine. Each Redken product features three crucial elements — protein technology, pH optimisation and professional quality. The combination of these elements has resulted in shampoos, conditioners, treatments and more that keep hair ultimately healthy, as well as delivering that shine and soft touch we all long for.

Bestsellers: Redken’s All Soft range is coveted in the professional haircare world, as it helps smooth out frizziness and instil hydration in damaged or dry hair. Try out the Redken All Soft Shampoo for touchable locks like you’ve never experienced before!

If your hair is ultra-damaged and in need of some true TLC, the bestselling Redken Extreme Megamask will definitely do the trick. It’ll impart some much-needed nourishment and restore those broken bonds so your hair returns to its former glory.


Nak professional haircare range

Perfect for: the colour-conscious girl or guy

What they’re about: Nak are an Australian owned and operated professional haircare brand that have grown from in-salon use to a huge customer base that spans the country and beyond. With a variety of ranges, including colour care, men’s and styling, Nak products are paraben and sulfate-free. They’re also proudly not tested on animals — we love their ethical approach! Nak products use a lot of natural and organic ingredients, including mineral-rich ocean botanicals.

Bestsellers: Perhaps the most-loved product from Nak is their Repl.Ends Leave In Moisturiser, which helps keep split ends at bay by keeping them nourished and healthy. The Nak Ultimate Treatment 60 Second Repair is another favourite if your locks are damaged or feeling worse for wear — just leave in for a minute to see amazing, transformative results! Blondes will adore the Nak Blonde Plusshampoo and Blonde Conditioner — Nak colour products are widely renowned to be some of the best.

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